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Subsidised Counselling

Access support without financial strain! Our subsidised counselling services make mental health care affordable. Your well-being matters, and we're here to provide quality counselling at a subsidised cost, ensuring help is within reach for everyone.

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Who is subsidised counselling for? 

Our subsidised counselling service is provided by our well-trained placement practitioners who are equipped to guide individuals towards overcoming, but not limited to, the following concerns:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Sleeping Difficulty 

  • Low Mood 

  • Low Motivation 

  • Work Stress

*Please take note that more severe cases will be recommended for referral to our Head Psychologist. 

How can I get subsidised counselling? 

Our subsidised counselling services are only available for individuals under our membership. To learn more about our membership, you may visit this page

What is the cost of subsidised counselling? 

Price: $60 


When can I start? 

Upon becoming a member, we will match you with a practitioner who is best suited to address your specific challenges. Together, we will coordinate your first counselling session at a date and time that works for both you and your practitioner, ensuring a mutually convenient arrangement.

How often can I have counselling?

You have the flexibility to schedule your sessions based on your preference and assigned practitioner's availability. There are no restrictions on the number of sessions you would like to schedule. 

How long can I have subsidised counselling for? 

Our membership offers a one-year duration, providing you with unlimited subsidised counselling sessions during this period.
Should you wish to continue accessing subsidised counselling beyond the initial year, you may renew your membership.

More questions? Contact Us 

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