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What is Anxiety or Depression?
Anxiety and depression are two distinct mental health challenges that are commonly faced amongst youths and adults, often rooted in unseen traumatic events or interactions within our upbringing and environment. While some may argue that living without these challenges is impossible, the key lies in learning to coexist with them through the adoption of healthy coping strategies.

How can we help?
The general approach to address anxiety/depressive disorder centres around Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). By delving into cognitive restructuring, behavioural activation, and relaxation techniques, your child will acquire valuable skills in cultivating healthy coping strategies and reshaping negative thought patterns.

Our therapists are trained not only in the nuanced application of CBT but also in seamlessly integrating it with other therapeutic modalities. However, our distinctive emphasis remains on individualised care. Your child's well-being is paramount, and we prioritise it by offering tailored support, ensuring a level of comfort that aligns perfectly with your child's unique needs and preferences.

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