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Family-Centered Care

Making Mental Health a Family Priority through our

Mind Culture Membership

What is Family-Centered Care?

Welcome to Thrive Psychology Clinic, where we extend a heartfelt invitation for you to play a pivotal role in your child's mental health journey through our Family-Centered Care Approach. Here, we recognize you as indispensable partners in fostering the well-being of your children. We aim to collaboratively integrate your needs and insights to develop a comprehensive and individualised mental health approach for your family. 

Taking care of oneself first is the cornerstone of sustaining the strength and resilience needed to support and uplift those we cherish most.
Family-Centered Care

We consider the holistic needs and unique dynamics of you and your family to cultivate a nurturing environment for personal growth and family enrichment.

Strengthened Self-Understanding

Impact of Family-Centered Care: 

Enhanced Relationships

Learning to communicate empathetically with our children, partners, or relatives to create a strong foundation of love and trust

How we provide Family-Centered Care:

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Discounted Services

In our commitment to assisting your family on their mental health journey affordably, we're pleased to offer a 10% discount on child therapy interventions, children or parenting workshops/talks, children diagnostic assessments and selected products.

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Subsidised Counselling

We provide 5 FREE initial counselling sessions followed by unlimited subsidised counselling thereafter to equip you with the tools and techniques for mindful parenting, helping you to understand your child's needs better. We believe in investing in your mental health to become a happier, more empathetic parent, creating a positive ripple effect within your family.

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Parenting Resources

We carefully curate empowering and transformative free mental health resources, tailored to support both parents and children in their mental health journey. Together, let's navigate and thrive.

Join us in making mental health care a collaborative and family-centered experience.


Your role as a parent is pivotal, and together, we can create an environment that nurtures the health and happiness of your family's wellbeing.

"Together We Thrive"

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