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What distinguishes Thrive Psychology Clinic is the welcoming and child-friendly atmosphere it provides.
I felt comfortable when my son attended his therapy sessions there, with the assurance that the staff were approachable, professional, and genuinely dedicated to assisting my son.

Prisca, mother of 5 year old, difficulties with social skills

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Speech & Chewing Difficulty

Before seeking therapy at Thrive Psychology Clinic, my son faced many difficulties when it came to consuming solid foods. It was a stressful experience for both of us because he would cry whenever he had solid food in his mouth. I feel like since he started attending behavioural therapy sessions at the clinic, our lives have taken a turn for the better. Thanks to the diligent efforts of his therapist, my son has made remarkable progress in gradually overcoming his aversion to solid foods through the use of positive reinforcement and support. Therapy has been super helpful in guiding him to become more comfortable with eating solid food, and he has even started to chew his food now! Alongside the improvements in his eating habits, my son gained a better understanding of the importance of feeding, chewing, and swallowing, which has really improved our quality of life and equipped us with the confidence to navigate these challenges. Furthermore, the behavioural therapy sessions have had a positive impact on my son’s social skills. He has learned essential behaviours such as sharing, making friends, and effective interpersonal communication, all of which have contributed to his personal growth and his ability to connect with others. Additionally, these sessions have assisted my son in improving his pronunciation skills. I think what makes Thrive Psychology Clinic stand out is their welcoming and child-friendly atmosphere. I felt comfortable when my son attended his therapy sessions there, with the assurance that the staff were approachable, professional, and genuinely dedicated to assisting my son. Therapy has had a strong influence on my son’s comprehensive development, and the clinic’s team has consistently shown their unwavering commitment to his well-being. Prisca, Doctor

Hyperactivity/ Inattentiveness

Before I started behavioural therapy treatment at Thrive Psychology, I was struggling with managing my child’s behaviour at home and even more so at school, in classroom settings. He was often very active during class, which distracted and disrupted the conducive environment for his classmates. His teachers said that he would also take other children’s belongings without their consent. His behaviour was a challenge for his teachers and myself to manage for a very long time. After attending therapy, I have noticed significant changes in his behaviour as compared to before. Now, I realised that he has developed the initiative to finish his homework independently at home and in school on most occasions. He has also improved in listening to instructions given by me or his teachers, which I believe has positively impacted his learning in school. Not only has behavioural therapy helped with my child’s behaviour and emotions, it has also greatly improved my anxiety as his mother, as I can be less worried about him and I am more confident in his ability to listen and behave in school now. I am especially thankful for the way his therapist actively listens and validates his emotions and problems, and I believe that this has helped him alot in letting him express himself more freely. Cristina, Homemaker

Low Self-Esteem & Anxiety (OCD)

My child was often anxious and lacked confidence, so I decided to try Thrive’s therapy services. She would get chest pains and stomach aches because of this. Now, she enjoys her therapy sessions where she can talk about her feelings and deal with her fears. She's learned better ways to handle her anxiety and is getting better at dealing with her emotions. Her therapist also taught her some useful skills like critical thinking and managing her emotions. At home, she practices techniques like deep breathing to help her think clearly and make good decisions. I'm grateful because now she's more confident in our religious beliefs and isn't easily influenced by others. This has really helped reduce her anxiety and obsessive thoughts. Instead, she uses her beliefs to think more critically and isn't afraid to ask for help when she needs it. Thanks to Thrive and her therapist for being patient and helping my child on this journey. Abby, Stay-at-home Mom

Emotional Dysregulation

When I first started therapy, I was in a dark place where I self-harmed [sic] to cope with situations I did not know how to handle. After attending therapy, it equipped me with very useful positive and healthy coping mechanisms for when I need emotional regulation to replace my unhealthy habits. After attending Thrive, I have learnt to not be overly self – critical, accept myself as who I am and that it’s ok for us to not be ok. I also learned various tools that helped me in understanding situations and working through my toughest moments and at the same time learnt to understand those around me whom I care about. I like that Thrive Psychology Clinic provides a safe space where I know I can express myself truthfully. My therapist was very kind and made Thrive a safe space for me to talk about my troubles. I am grateful for her friendly, cheerful disposition which continually inspires me to keep going. Kegan, Student


My husband and I brought our son, Nirjhar, to see a therapist when we suspected that he might have depression and it was starting to affect his daily life. We decided to take him to Thrive Psychology Clinic to see a therapist when we realised that his issues have escalated, and he started to get into trouble frequently at school. It was our first time bringing our son for therapy and we were unsure whether it would be helpful for him. However, we started seeing positive changes in his behaviour and improvements in his academics when he started going for therapy. His therapist was very patient and understanding with him throughout all the sessions, and Nirjhar started to improve for the better as he applied the skills that his therapist taught him. We notice that when he faces difficult situations now, he consistently applies the self-calming activities to manage his anger and anxiety. These activities helped him to regain his composure when he faced difficult situations. Currently, he is doing a lot better and we can see that he has regained his confidence. He is also a lot more focused in general and his academics have improved from before. We are very thankful to Thrive Psychology Clinic and their therapists for their continuous guidance in helping not just Nirjhar, but also in guiding us how to better help him especially when he is having depressive episodes. Amisha, Homemaker

Anger Management

Before Richard started therapy at Thrive Psychology Clinic, he often struggled with managing his anger and would behave rebelliously. It was tough for me to get him to behave properly because he had trouble controlling his emotions. Richard’s therapist has been a huge help in teaching him to understand and express his emotions better. He's learned useful techniques for handling his anger, like recognizing when he's getting angry and calming himself down. The therapist taught him methods like taking breaks, deep breathing, and thinking carefully before speaking. Taking breaks has been especially helpful because Richard used to act without thinking when he was upset. This helps him calm down before things get worse and helps him express his feelings more thoughtfully by giving him time to figure out why he's feeling that way before talking about it. The therapist also stressed the importance of families being involved in therapy and helped me see how important it is to talk to Richard more often and really listen to him, especially since my recent divorce. This simple change has not only helped Richard deal with the divorce better but has also brought us closer together as parent and child. Overall, I'm really happy with how much progress Richard has made, and I'm very grateful for all the hard work the therapist has put into their sessions. Richard looks forward to each session and has really enjoyed them so far. Rachel, Stay-at-home Mom

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