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Children's Workshops

Thrive Psychology Clinic is excited to launch our in-house workshops! Ranging from developing interpersonal skills in children to managing burnout in adults, we got you covered!

Studying at Home

Study Buddies Camp

Does your teenage child struggle with finding motivation to study? Does he or she have trouble coping with the stress of examinations?


Our Study Buddies workshop will equip teenagers with important self-leadership skills that will benefit them in school and beyond. They can look forward to interactive activities guiding them towards building self-motivation, setting and achieving their goals, studying effectively, and countering exam anxiety.

Children coloring

Social Superstars Workshop

Want to empower your child to navigate their emotions and build positive interactions with their peers? 


We’ve got you covered! Our Social Superstars workshop will help your children learn how to express and regulate their emotions, recognise social cues, and build teamwork skills. With exciting activities and group discussions, our experienced staff will guide your child on an emotional intelligence and self-discovery adventure!

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