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Stephen Lew

"Where there is kindness, there is goodness. And where there is goodness, there is magic."

Stephen Lim is Thrive Psychology Clinic's co-founder and also Founder and Executive Director of The School of Positive Psychology, partner of Thrive Psychology Clinic. 

Stephen Lew is the Founder and Executive Director of The School of Positive Psychology. Launched in 2007, TSPP is a Singapore-based higher education institute that offers psychological centric training programmes for professional and corporate development.

An expert in the field of positive psychology with 17 years of experience, Stephen has been interviewed and featured by Singapore media such as Channel NewsAsia, 938NOW, The Straits Times, Harper’s Bazaar, and 8 Days about positive psychology-related topics.

Stephen holds a MSc Applied Positive Psychology with a focus in Organisational Psychology and Leadership. He is also a certified psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, supervisor, and a fellow with the National Council of Psychotherapists in the United Kingdom.

Under Jeslyn’s and Stephen’s guidance, Thrive Psychology Clinic is strategically positioned to become an industry leading clinic within Singapore for our dedication, commitment, and passion towards ensuring that every last child has the opportunity to thrive.

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