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Rohini Saluja

Rohini, a placement practitioner at Thrive Psychology Clinic, is also a therapist-in-training from The School of Positive Psychology (TSPP).

Rohini Saluja is motivated by her passion to support mental health needs of people in the community. She has successfully worked with individuals with affective disorders such as depression, stress, anxiety, panic disorders, anger management and low moods using her combined knowledge of neuroscience and psychology. With her 25 years of work experience as a senior leader in multinational companies, Rohini can also provide a unique perspective for people having career challenges and need support and guidance. She has worked with clients across diverse cultures and is passionate in nurturing wellbeing and resilience in individuals.


Rohini has a solid foundation in this field and has completed her Postgraduate diploma (Distinction) in Psychotherapy from The School of Positive Psychology, Singapore and her Master of Science in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health (Distinction) from Kings College London.


Rohini is now pursuing her passion at Thrive Psychology Clinic with the desire to support a larger number of individuals that need the support and care for their mental resilience.

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