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The Therapressure Brush™

The Therapressure Brush™


This oval-shaped sensory brush is more convenient, comfortable, and easier to use than the traditional sensory brush. With an attached handle and a reconfigured ergonomic design that increases comfort, our clients with sensory integration issues frequently choose The Therapressure Brush™ over other competitors’ products.


The Therapressure Brush™ is used for the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol, a therapeutic programme that was designed to reduce sensory and/or tactile defensiveness. According to Patricia Wilbarger, “the high density of the bristles makes it an ideal brush for the body”.


For specific instructions on brushing therapy, speak to your Occupational Therapist or a Therapist trained in the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol. The Therapressure Brush™ is the preferred brush for the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol and is available in white.

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