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Neeuro Senzeband 2

Neeuro Senzeband 2


SenzeBand 2 is Neeuro’s new and improved model of the Senzeband, a non-invasive EEG headband that safely measures brain signals and is capable of measuring and tracking your attention, focus, mental workload and relaxation levels. New upgrades include better connectivity, improved and more accurate readings, more ergonomic design, and USB-C compatibility.


This wearable device is equipped with cutting-edge sensory technology – seven sensors complete with 4 individual channels and 2 reference sensors, as well as high-sensitivity electrodes to ensure accuracy in interpreting EEG signals.


The electrodes are made from a unique formulation that helps to increase their conductive quality, ultimately making the SenzeBand the most sensitive wearable EEG device in the market.

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