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Isaiah Chang

“A healthy person wants a thousand things, but a sick person only wants one.'”


Isaiah is a business development executive and clinical support staff at Thrive Psychology Clinic. 

Isaiah, a passionate student of psychology, fueled by empathy and dedication, thrives on making a positive impact on others' well-being. His ability to easily connect with people from diverse backgrounds stems from his strong emotional intelligence and exceptional communication skills. This allows him to build rapport and create safe spaces for open dialogue, even in challenging situations.

Previously, Isaiah served a 1-year stint at his school's mental health interest group, Our Well-Being Listeners(OWLs), contributing his interpersonal skills to their mission. Through OWLs, he honed his ability to actively listen, understand needs, and provide non-judgmental support to navigate various challenges.


Beyond academia, Isaiah actively seeks partnerships and collaborations. At Mind Culture, he has facilitated meaningful connections between Mind Culture and various businesses, fostering impactful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. He thrives on finding creative solutions and working effectively with diverse teams to achieve shared goals, particularly those geared towards improving youth mental health in Singapore.

At Thrive Psychology Clinic, Isaiah seeks to further develop his clinical skills and emotional intelligence while engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds. He's eager to learn from experienced clinicians, hone his counseling and psychotherapy skills, and ultimately utilize his expertise to make a lasting positive impact on the lives of clients and contribute to Singapore's mental health landscape.

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