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​"Perfection is asking for the impossible, Excellence is giving your best."

Samuel is a clinical support staff at Thrive Psychology Clinic. 

Samuel has a strong interest in psychology which began through interacting with young children as a teenager. It was through these interactions which Samuel became intrigued by the way that individuals think and perceive situations, as well as how our environmental and individual factors influence behaviour. Samuel’s fascination with the human mind and human behaviour has continued to grow over the years through interacting with others and his own personal experiences. 


Samuel is a kind, respectful and caring individual, with a big heart for children, especially those with special needs, and is dedicated to helping children overcome their challenges to reach their full potential in life. Samuel possesses a strong theoretical foundation from his studies in psychological sciences, while previous experience teaching young children and working with youths with mental challenges have not only given him hands on experience, but also developed his understanding and respect for individuals of various backgrounds. 


Samuel aspires to further his studies in the near future, developing his skills and knowledge with the goal of becoming an educational psychologist to assist children with learning difficulties. In the meantime, Samuel is committed to making Thrive Psychology Clinic a warm and welcoming space for everyone, while gaining insight into how a psychology clinic operates on a daily basis.

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