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​" Just keep swimming"

Venus is a clinical support staff at Thrive Psychology Clinic. 

With a strong passion for children and psychology, Venus started her interest in the human mind since she was a child by observing people's behaviour. Her drive to connect with and understand people on a deeper level, coupled with her compassion for children, has led her to further her interests in clinical psychology, specialising in youth treatment.


Currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree with Honours in Psychology with a Second Major in Life Sciences at the National University of Singapore, Venus has ambitions to advance her studies to complete her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology. Apart from her academic pursuits, Venus has been an active volunteer since young, working with a multitude of beneficiaries with different profiles, ranging from disadvantaged families, special needs to the elderly. She worked as a teacher assistant at an early development centre, where she had the privilege of witnessing the admirable development and breakthroughs achieved by the children.


Looking forward, Venus aims to pursue a career in Clinical Psychology. As an outgoing and lively individual, she is dedicated to spreading empathy and compassion throughout the course of her career by adding vibrancy to any room as an aspiring Psychologist. Drawing from her experiences, Venus hopes to carry forward this vibrancy to Thrive Psychology Clinic by establishing a welcoming and comfortable environment for all children to heal and develop, reaching their best potential.

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