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​"Life goes on"

Syakirah is a clinical support staff at Thrive Psychology Clinic. 

Syakirah is a Year 3 Psychology student at the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a deep-seated passion for understanding the intricacies of the human mind, especially when it comes to children and adolescents. Her journey began with her role as a primary school student care teacher, where she gained hands-on experience in guiding children through their formative years. This experience was further enriched by her experience teaching preschool children different concepts using Lego, fostering a love for learning and creativity in young minds. 


Syakirah strongly believes in the importance of supportive and engaging environments for young individuals. This belief aligns perfectly with her current role at Thrive Psychology Clinic, where she is committed to integrating theoretical knowledge with real-world application, aiming to support young minds in their growth and development. With aspirations of becoming a clinical psychologist, Syakirah is focused on furthering her understanding of psychological principles and therapeutic techniques. Her time at Thrive Psychology Clinic is a crucial step in this journey, enabling her to gain invaluable clinical exposure.

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