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Charlotte Koh

"Silenzio, Bruno!"

Charlotte is a clinical support staff at Thrive Psychology Clinic. 

Initially captivated by the world of movies and having attained a diploma in Film, Charlotte is presently pursuing a degree in Psychological Science at James Cook University. This transition was driven by her insatiable curiosity that has always set her apart and goes beyond a mere shift in academic focus for her. It represents a profound journey of self-discovery and personal growth, one she eagerly anticipates sharing with the world. Beyond her academic endeavors, Charlotte enjoys playing Tetris and cycling. However, what truly captivates her is the art of “people-watching” – a gateway to empathy and an avenue for broadening her perspective on the myriad ways individuals navigate the world around them.


Charlotte holds a vision of transforming Singapore’s mental health landscape by establishing platforms for vital conversations to thrive. Her vision is to foster an environment where open discussions about mental health is normalised, eradicating stigmas and promoting understanding. Additionally, she aspires to become an experienced and empathetic clinical psychologist, with a specific interest in working with children. Through her journey, Charlotte envisions leaving a lasting imprint on Singapore’s mental health community, aiming for a positive ripple effect that transcends age and cultural barriers, impacting individuals across diverse spectrums.

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